Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Noshing and Moshing

Back on the road again, running today. A very easy and nice 8 kms, without Ipod. Just enjoying the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and the sound of my breath as I exhale.

I found myself looking forward to the beginning of fall when the leaves change color and I can feel the cold sting of the air as it enters my throat, to observe the leaves changing colors day by day and watching the world change before your eyes. I find a change in season allows you to look at old and familiar sites through new eyes and enjoy their ethereal beauty.

I had an amazing and wonderful experience yesterday, I was able to reconnect with some old friends, make a new one and apologize for inconsiderate things I had done in my teenage years (I was a little bit of a turd back in high school). It allowed me to show myself as I am now and the man I have become. As well as the opportunities for laughs and jumping from a pool deck onto a floatation device known as the "Racer" and try to ride it for eight seconds, rodeo style. It was amazing and I have not laughed that much in years, and enjoy the benefits that unadulterated fun can bring.

There is something cathartic about being in your hometown and even the experience of running past the house you grew up in, there has to be some type of metaphor for moving on in there somewhere.

It seems that the theme for my life lately has been renewal and moving forward. As well as getting strong enough to stand on my own to feet again.